First Division

Lee Roots staying safe at Holm

Holmesdale Manager Lee Roots this week spoke of his pride in his team’s overall performance last season while also revealing his long term ambitions for the club.

In an interview with Colin Head for Kent Sports News Roots stated his confidence that had the season been able to run to a finish, his team would have confirmed a promotion spot:

“You are where you are in the league for a reason but of course there is still a lot more work to bank at that stage. We were in a healthy position where if we won our games in hand we would be top. Now for that full credit must go to all my players and staff for taking us into that promotion position and delivering consistency throughout the season.

We felt very confident throughout and we broke the season down correctly and that’s something which our record and stats back up. We had no doubt that we would finish the job and gain that deserved promotion for the club and the players. That challenge now rolls over to next season, something we are looking forward too.”

Looking ahead to the next campaign, whenever that will be, Roots is clear that Holmesdale will again be ready to compete at the top end.

“It’s far from clear right now when we will return but that hasn’t and wont halt us in our preparations and planning for next season.

We did give ourselves as staff some down time a few weeks ago now. This is something the staff and players all deserve and all need and it is crucial to switch off totally from football.

We have our whole pre-season friendly schedule complete with some real excellent higher league teams sorted out. We won’t be announcing these details yet they will be announced via our social media pages next month but they are all booked & ready.

We have purchased the VEO video equipment we had planned to take into next season to record and re-watch our games, in detail, with the players to seek further improvement. I have added some new individuals to my management staff (which will be announced next week) and have been in contact with all my existing players regularly and also new player targets.

The committee board are already preparing by designing new training wear and kits for next season and have also agreed some ground work which are due to be completed post COVID 19. My management team and I have spoken for hours at a time so far during the lockdown regarding the process in the planning of the sessions to come etc.

At this stage and during these times right now, I can only control the controllable so we are just keeping our camp in order so that when lockdown is lifted, whenever that may be, we are ready and can move into training almost instantly.”

The full interview can be read at Kent Sports News here while to keep up-to-date with all Holmesdale news be sure to follow them on Twitter here.