SCEFL Applications


Joining the Southern Counties East Football League

Applications to join the SCEFL can only be made to join at step 6 (1st Division)

Any application to join the National League System at any step above step 6 will not be considered.

Applicants are reminded that there are places for 320 clubs at Step 6 with 17 Divisions across the country. Whilst it may look as if SCEFL has vacancies as we are only playing with 16 teams, Step 6 as a whole does not.

Teams from Clubs already in the National League System:

A second team from a club already in the National League System (NLS) cannot play at any level of the NLS above step 6.

They must be at least 2 steps lower than the first team (therefore the first team must be in step 4 or above). If the first team is in a step above step 4 the second team can still not progress beyond step 6.

National League System Regulations:
7.2 Reserve teams, including a team from a club or Club which is not considered by the Committee to be sufficiently separate from another club or Club, will not be permitted to compete above Step 6 in the NLS. There must be a minimum of two Steps between a first and
reserve team. This does not apply at Steps 6 and Feeder League level.
No two teams from the same Club can play at the same Step.

Teams in recognised feeder leagues:

At the end of the playing season The Football Association Leagues Committee will meet to confirm which (if any) team will be promoted into the NLS from each feeder league. Eligible teams must have made an application to the FA for promotion by 31 December in the current playing season.

Clubs currently outside the NLS and its feeder Leagues.

Each year there are applications to NLS Step 6 Leagues like SCEFL from clubs/teams that are not members of a recognised feeder league.

NLS Regulation 7.1 allows for such applications to be considered only under strictly limited circumstances.

National League System Regulations:
7.1 Usually a club can only enter the NLS at Step 6 via a Feeder League. However a League may seek approval from the Committee to receive a club or team not currently in membership of a League within the NLS provided that there is:
(a) exceptional circumstances, ​
(b) a vacancy within its constitution,
(c) the club meets the entry criteria and
(d) promotion and relegation issues have been satisfied.

Such request must be received from the league by no later than 1st February. Any decision shall only be capable of Appeal to The Association by the affected League.

The SCEFL will only consider applications where all of the above points a – d are in place and where the following are submitted to the SCEFL before December 31st in the current season.

1) Security of tenure in the name of the team/club for the whole of the following season at a football ground that conforms to the standard of the FA Grade 6(min).
2) A business plan for the next 3 seasons. This will show what your ambitions are and how you plan to fund such.
3) A budget plan covering both League and match day expenses and how you will cover the costs.
4) We will need to see your latest set of accounts.
5) A copy of the clubs constitution. and its policies.
6) A list of your club’s officers/directors.
7) An indication of the playing ability of your team by way of previous playing record and current league tables.

Applications/notices of interest should be forwarded to the League Secretary by email to


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