Positive COVID Test and Fixture Postponement Policy


Last update September 2021

Given that we are now beyond the date when self-isolation does not necessarily apply once you have had two doses of the Covid vaccine, we thought it would be worth letting you know the policy that we are using for every Covid outbreak.

All notifications of positive tests should be sent to Matthew Panting (Fixtures Officer) in the first instance, and not your opponent.

These will still be considered on a case by case basis but the process that we are (and have been) applying to all enquiries of this nature is as follows:-

1. Proof of one or more positive tests.
2. Additional numbers and names of any players/ club members that have to self-isolate as a result of being deemed a close contact.
3. Number of players registered.
4. Decision to be made by League Chair and Fixture Secretary as to whether postponement is agreed.