Chatham Town win National Community Club Award

Chatham Town have been named the ‘Community Club of the Year’ in the Non League Paper’s ‘National Games Awards’.

Our Premier Division side have stepped up to the plate with a wide-ranging programme of activities and have gone the extra mile with their efforts in these coronavirus hit times.

Whether its calling to check on fans, collecting or delivering food, running errands, focusing on mental health or holding fitness classes .The Chats’ have done a great job.

Chairman Kevin Hake was blown away with the accolade;

“It’s a fantastic honour and it’s a testament to everyone involved at the Club who has tried to help people in these troubled times. It’s lovely to be recognised – I’m blown away by it.

“When we took over two years agowe wanted to show that the power of sport can change people’s lives.

“On the pitch we want to climb up the leagues but what we do off the pitch gives me equal pleasure as winning three points.

“We are trying to appeal to as many people as we can. We have a lot of volunteers at the Club and some paid employees and they want to make a difference.

“We’re not just concentrating on our football supporters, we’re focusing on the wider community. If an elderly person in the community needs help it doesn’t matter if they support Chatham Town or not, we wnat to help them.

“We have a growing sense of community spirit – in my opinion it’s never been stronger – and our attendances have gone up as a result.

“This will grow and grow, the two go hand in hand.

As for the variety of things they do the construction consultant gave some examples.

“We hold mental health seminars and offer counselling during lockdown. The Directors and Committee were all ringing up elderly supporters and the young ones in danger of mental health problems, to keep in touch.

“We also run free fit clubs and get 300 people a week coming. Recently we did online sessions and now it’s starting up again, with government guidance. Everybody is buzzing to get back.

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