SCEFL unaffected by Non League changes

Ahead of further reshaping of the Non League System at the end of this coming season the Southern Counties East Football League is pleased to announce that it will continue running the Divisions at Steps 5 and 6 in the South East area for at least the following three seasons.

With a reduction of Leagues at Step 6 approaching the FA has this week confirmed that the SCEFL has been awarded Step 6 ‘Area 15’ (South East) from 2020/21 for a minimum of three seasons.

There was no change scheduled for Step 5 so we continue as a two Division League for the forseeable future.

The FA are making a host of changes across the Non League system as they get closer to shaping the perfect pyramid, making Promotion and Relegation a more streamlined process in the seasons to come.

With four clubs heading for promotion from our SCEFL First Division at the end of this season there were concerns over lack of numbers for the following year. However, with a reduced number of Divisions at Step 6 for 2020/21 we will likely see more lateral movement for that campaign growing us back to our aim of having the maximum of 20 Clubs in each of our Divisions.

Further clarification of the changes across the country will be made in the Non League Paper on Sunday 28th July but for now it’s business as usual at the SCEFL.