The SCEFL has joined forces with Football Web Pages and will use their system to show our live scores, results and statistics.

Football Web Pages is a well established brand in this area with a winning formula. All Leagues at Steps 3 and 4 use them as their only host of live match information and we will now follow that path as the first Steps 5/6 League to fully commit to FWP.

For many years we have had our own heavily-manual way of doing things, and it has worked relatively well, but we need to take things to the next level and linking up with Football Web Pages will help us do just that.

All of our Premier Division and First Division Clubs have today been sent registration details and can practice using the system on their friendly fixtures before we use them officially for the first time on our opening round of 2024/25 season league games.

We will no doubt have a few teething problems whilst we all get used to the new way of doing things but we will get there and will soon all benefit from this change.

We are now showing on the desktop version of Football Web Pages under the Steps 5/6 tab 

The FWP App can be downloaded from your favourite App store where you can set goal alerts from your favourite teams.

We will embed the key pages of the FWP site back here on when the season kicks off and if they wish to our teams can do the same on their websites.

Please note; Our Development League will not feature on Football Web Pages.