First Division

Management Team changes at Lydd Town

Lydd Town have announced Management changes at the club with this announcement on their Social Media:

First Team Manager has had a reshuffle of his management team after the departure of Assistant Manager Justin Day.

Mickey Doyle has quickly reshuffled his management team to fill the void Justin Day has left. First Team Coach Kyle Galea has been promoted to assistant manager due to the positive impact he has brought to the first team since his arrival. Andy Constable has moved roles to become a player coach.

Mickey Doyle told us “It’s a shame Justin left but we wanted to move quickly to ensure we kept the balance of the management team. Kyle has moved up to Assistant Manager and it is fully deserved. All of us at the club including the players have been really impressed with his contribution, on the training pitch and on a match days. It was a no brainer in my eyes to promote him. He is very positive and full of energy.”
Kyle had this to say on his appointment “My first year at Lydd Town has been a good but weird start with everything that went on this past year! I would like to thank Mickey for trusting in me and bringing me into the football club. After a year at the club I am very excited to take this step up in my career at such a young age and I’m ready to get going and also learn along the way. We are a very young and strong side that will definitely surprise teams, as we did this domestic campaign. I am very much looking forward to next season with Mickey and Andy who has now joined the coaching side of things. I very much expect this to be a successful season for us and hope to get going very soon.”

Andy Constable’s appointment was more left field but the experienced forward is no stranger to the management/coaching side of things, having held different roles within Holmesdale before his departure. We asked Mickey Doyle how it all came about, “We had an opening and AC approached me about the idea of him becoming player coach. We had a good chat and it just seemed right. AC has great experience and knowledge of the game that will help us in our project with a young squad. His main role will still be as player, but he will have cross over roles on the training pitch and in the dressing room.”

Andy had this to say on his appointment “I’d like to start by thanking Mickey for the opportunity to join Lydd Town last season as a player, although I only played 3 games I really enjoyed the atmosphere around the club so when the option came about to be part of the management team I jumped at the chance. At my age I’m certainly grateful to be able to play a part on the pitch, which is something I still feel I have plenty to offer, add the opportunity to merge some coaching and management experience to that was the perfect combination. We have a very exciting young squad at the club and I think my experience can help develop and improve these players as I transition from player into coaching/management. I’m looking forward to working with Mickey and Kyle next season firstly as a player but also off the pitch as part of the management team. It’s going to be an exciting season after the disappointment of the last 2 attempted seasons and hopefully a successful one for all involved with Lydd Town.”

We will still have to wait to see when we will be in action again, but hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. It sounds like Lydd Town is moving in the right direction under the leadership of Mickey and his team.