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Please take note of the two points below, from both the FA Player Status team and FA Competitions Department:

Player Status

Furlough Agreements:

Whilst an outcome is still to be determined for the 2020/2021 NLS Seasons (Steps 1 & 2 / Steps 3 to 6), we are aware there are clubs with players under contract who may have made use of the current Government’s Job Retention Scheme (JRS). If this is the case, please be reminded that copies of any furlough agreements must be submitted to our office.  Please note, these agreements should also include the relevant player’s confirmation that they agreed to being placed on furlough. These are to be submitted to FA Player Status at the following address:

Contracts for Next Season:

If you decide to extend a current contract registration for a player now, then please be reminded you will need to detail wages for the remainder of this season as this new contract will supersede any current terms, and the registration commences from the agreement date on page 1. A new G2 should also be submitted as the registration is being extended. The start date on the G2 should be the same as the agreement date on page 1 of the contract.

FA Competitions 2021-22

The online application for FA Competitions 2021-22 will be available for Clubs to complete from Friday 19 March 2021, with a closing date for applications of Friday 16 April 2021.

Full details of the online application will be sent by email to Clubs that participated in FA Competitions 2020-21 and will also be available on

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FA Player Status and FA Competitions