Jamie Leggett talks Mental Health

Jamie Leggett has spent his time wisely during Lockdown – keeping in touch with fellow football lovers, sharing their stories and talking mental health.

Jamie is popular in SCEFL circles, having spent time at many of our clubs, but he is now best known as the England 6 a-side Manager.

Via his Instagram platform he has been having discussions with people throughout the Non League scene, talking football and life – with viewers questions coming in as the chats go out live.

Throughout the interviews Jamie finds out about how the role that Mental Health has played in their lives with some discussions turning emotional, some educational, and all interesting.

Recent guests have included Joe Ford, Tony Provan, Damien Raggett, Dean Carpenter and Justin Fevrier with the recordings now saved to Jamie’s YouTube Channel.


Previous recordings can be viewed on Jamie’s YouTube Channel here

Live viewings can be seen at Jamie.Leggett1985 on Instagram here

To keep up-to-date with latest booked guests details and mental health news please follow Jamie on Twitter account here