IFAB Offside clarification


A message from the FA Refereeing Department

IFAB Offside clarification – 2022/23

As you may well be aware, yesterday the IFAB and FIFA have issued some additional guidance and clarification around offside. Specifically focusing on being able to distinguish between a ‘deliberate play’ in contrast to what is considered to be a ‘deflection’.

We have attached 2 useful documents shared with us by the IFAB which aims to explain the rationale behind the clarification whilst providing some helpful information and match incidents (link attached on the circular) in order to educate and inform all match officials.

Offside Clarification Document

Offside Circular

Whilst this is not a law change, this is a clarification of the guidance and we would urge all match officials, observers, coaches, RDO’s etc to read the attached information ahead of the new season.

Whilst the timing is somewhat close to the commencement of the 2022/23 season, regrettably this is a situation which is out of our control and we are therefore sharing the attached and supplementary guidance at our earliest opportunity.

Equally, as it is important that this information is shared around all leagues, clubs and competitions we would be grateful that this is circulated to all of the relevant stakeholders within the game to ensure that everybody understands the clarification ahead of the new season and the interpretation that match officials will be implementing with immediate effect.

As ever, more than happy to respond to any questions anybody may have.

Thanks for taking the time out to read and understand and we wish you all the very best ahead of the new season.

Yours sincerely,

Dan Meeson

Head of Refereeing – Technical and Development

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