Premier Division

Erith & Belvedere hit by Vandals

Erith & Belvedere are the latest club to suffer an attack by vandals, at their Park View Road Ground.

Paint that was being used for a refurb at our Premier Division side has been thrown around the exterior benches and walls and worse still been used for to draw a Swastika symbol on the grass pitch.

Speaking to Kent Online, Club Director Paul Springett said: “I am not bothered about the vandalism, it is the message and the symbol and what it’s all about, it is not nice to see.

“The roller and the paint was there as part of our major renovation works, we left it out and never expected anyone to come in and steal it and certainly not do what they have done. It takes a bit of time to do that, it is quite something.”

He added: “We lost a couple of benches which is going to cost us £20-£30 to replace, it is what it is, it is just the message. You try and move so far away from these sort of things happening and it is just disgusting really.

At time of writing almost 100 comments had been added to the original post from the Club account, all condemning the actions from the vandals, which are now unfortunately becoming a regular occurrence at Grassroots clubs.