ULEZ Charges for Match Officials


Information for all SCEFL Clubs – ULEZ costs incurred for match officials

Please be reminded that clubs are still able to claim back when match officials claim this expense. Claims should be made using the link below. The form is reviewed monthly and any payment made to the club when incurred.

Request for ULEZ match official reimbursement

Additional mileage charges

At the 2022 AGM clubs voted in favour which meant that there is now a provision additional expenses incurred when match officials are travelling further than 50 miles (round trip). Match officials travelling more than 50 miles are entitled to claim an additional 40pence per mile with the maximum amount a match official being eligible to claim is £20.00.

This information will be reviewed at the end of the playing season with the total amount being equalised between all clubs in your respective division.

In 2023 we were able to avoid equalisation by reimbursing clubs the amounts that they had incurred in extra fees. This will be reviewed again in May 2024 and this is at the discretion of the Board.

Notification of additional match official expenditure incurred

If you have any queries around claiming this amount, please contact