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Top Goalscorer Table – First Division 19/20

Below is the final table of First Division Top Goalscorers from season 2019-20

Figures in our table come from League and League Cup games only.

The season finished early and was declared null and void due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Unfortunately there will be no Golden Boot awarded as the seasons results have been expunged.

Tim BeckfordSC Thamesmead22
Brad CrossGreenways20
Luke AdamsRusthall19
Reuel Powell-DowneyRusthall18
Arlie DesangesSutton Athletic18
Danny LearGreenways16
Ijah Currie-WilsonLewisham Borough16
Andy SomoCroydon15
Ryan GoldingHolmesdale 15
Gary ClarkeKennington15
Liam DonaldsonBridon Ropes12
Nathan PalmerHolmesdale 12
Callum Peck Rochester United12
Andy ConstableHolmesdale11
Reece GilliesRochester United11
Nathan SimsponBridon Ropes10
Marcus CassiusFC Elmstead10
Tom ScorerKennington10
Ryan Smith Lydd Town10
Ollie MiltonStansfeld10
Conor EvansSutton Athletic10
Jefferson AibangbeeForest Hill Park9
Gary LockyerKennington9
Ryan Hassan Stansfeld9
James MurphyBridon Ropes8
Patrick GiovagnoliBridon Ropes8
Martin SmithCroydon8
Lewis WoodGreenways8
Bradley BakerLydd Town8
Dale HortonLydd Town8
Harrison HumeRochester United8
Charlie CloverRusthall8
Steven KarkariFC Elmstead7
Ryan PhilpottKennington7
Kai BichardLewisham Borough7
Richard Pingling Meridian VP7
Tom LawrenceRusthall7
James MilesRusthall7
Dan EdwardsSC Thamesmead7
Billy ShinnersStansfeld7
Charlie GeeCroydon6
Joji PhillipsForest Hill Park6
Josh WhiteGreenways6
Charlie OwenKennington6
Joe FisherKennington6
James OwolabiKent Football Utd6
Connor CoxRochester United 6
Chris HubbardSC Thamesmead6
Jack KirbyBridon Ropes 5
Bruce MuchenjeBridon Ropes5
Richard JimohBridon Ropes5
Jordan Samuel FC Elmstead5
Tyreece MorrisForest Hill Park5
Simon WaltonGreenways5
Jordan EelsHolmesdale5
Craig Calvert Kennington5
Harvey BrowneSC Thamesmead5
Aaron JeffreySC Thamesmead5
Anthony FenechSnodland Town5
Joe MinterStansfeld5
Callum FlynnSutton Athletic5
Ashley BertrandFC Elmstead4
Jerome WalkerFC Elmstead4
Jordan AndersonFC Elmstead4
Richard AtkinsFC Elmstead4
Antonio GonnellaFC Elmstead4
Ahmed DeenFC Elmstead4
Germaine JeannoelHolmesdale4
James Haylock-AshdownKennington4
Sam ConlonKennington 4
David OlayokunKent Football Utd4
Jacob SkellyMeridian VP4
Lewis CookRochester United4
Ryan StylesRusthall4
Dieko FaladeSC Thamesmead4
Ellis HuttonSnodland Town4
James SutherlandSutton Athletic4
Luke ColemanSutton Athletic4
Gianni Daley Croydon3
Josh OwenCroydon3
Theo WhiteGreenways3
George LathamKennington3
Calvin SedenuKennington3
Omar RoweLewisham Borough3
Alex CoyneLydd Town3
Tom BartonLydd Town3
Dewain WestMeridian VP3
Luis Dos SantosRochester United3
Bradley LargeRusthall3
Macey MalyonStansfeld3
Mike McKennaStansfeld3
Connor LinhamSutton Athletic3
Dan GunnerSutton Athletic3
George BryanSutton Athletic3
Dilab Nlendi Bridon Ropes2
Sam CassellBridon Ropes2
Jack KensingtonBridon Ropes2
John Prince RylahCroydon2
Leo MedradoCroydon2
Levi ShangoCroydon2
Oliver SpeddingCroydon2
Tunde Owolabi Croydon2
Shaveize WilliamsForest Hill Park2
Aaron KlemanGreenways2
Arun Suman Greenways2
Ryan PerkinGreenways2
Jamie RawsthorneHolmesdale2
Timmy BabingtonHolmesdale2
Kameiko Pope-CampbellHolmesdale2
CJ GwollaKent Football Utd2
Rob HicksKent Football Utd2
Tony CookieKent Football Utd2
Courtney SwabyLewisham Borough2
Khalifa JabbieLewisham Borough2
Steven IkpemeLewisham Borough2
Tyrelle ThomasLewisham Borough2
Jessee SentamoLewisham Borough2
George KerenskiMeridian VP2
Les JuchMeridian VP2
Tim MoffattMeridian VP2
Harry DawesRochester United2
Harry HornsbyRochester United2
Tom CackettRochester United2
Tony WhitakerRochester United2
Calum GallieRusthall 2
Robbie BissettRusthall2
Jedd SmithSC Thamesmead2
Josh KwaduSC Thamesmead2
Rolex BuitiSC Thamesmead2
England KurtiSC Thamesmead2
Connor LintonSnodland Town2
Casey KilleaStansfeld2
Freddie CrayStansfeld2
Sam RyanStansfeld2
Jonny Murray Sutton Athletic2
Chris McGintySutton Athletic2
Joby SmithSutton Athletic2
Qendrim MurselajBridon Ropes1
Rob HughesBridon Ropes1
Matt DennisBridon Ropes1
Taylor Bowley Bridon Ropes1
Adam SmithBridon Ropes1
Ayrton TansiriBridon Ropes1
Gibson Perkin-DonsonBridon Ropes1
Omar ArtryBridon Ropes1
Archie ToddCroydon1
Damiola OlorunnisomoCroydon1
Jemel Johnson Croydon1
Alim SesayFC Elmstead1
Alvin TuryatembaFC Elmstead1
Luke MarkeyFC Elmstead1
Perrie RoseFC Elmstead1
Toby CokerFC Elmstead1
Matt FaithornForest Hill Park1
Ric CampbellForest Hill Park1
Akisanmi AkinwaleForest Hill Park1
Brandon TavernerForest Hill Park1
Dennis DociForest Hill Park1
Joe PlantForest Hill Park1
John GarciaForest Hill Park1
Mans MurmarkForest Hill Park1
Michael GarrickForest Hill Park1
Ndungu MembaForest Hill Park1
Ryan AtkinsonForest Hill Park1
Samuel OseiForest Hill Park1
Tobi Adeje Forest Hill Park1
Josh TaylorGreenways1
Ross MurphyGreenways1
Ross PenroseGreenways1
Camen BhandalGreenways1
Harry AkersGreenways1
Nick DonaldsonGreenways1
Oscar SaxtonGreenways1
Robb HendersonGreenways1
Tom Reardon Greenways1
Rymel SammsHolmesdale1
Dan CarpenterHolmesdale1
Edson Da SilvaHolmesdale1
Harry GambleHolmesdale1
Nad NwituaHolmesdale1
Yacine GnahoreHolmesdale1
Adam PhillipsKennington1
Jordan KingKennington1
Regan Mendes Kennington1
Rob GreenfieldKennington1
Sam Brown Kennington1
Leon LewisKent Football Utd1
Shomari BarnwellKent Football Utd1
Aaron GuardKent Football Utd1
Arinze OsaiKent Football Utd1
Ryan ImbertKent Football Utd1
Kai Simon-JordanLewisham Borough1
Luke CookeLewisham Borough1
Darnell SimpsonLewisham Borough1
Archie ToddLewisham Borough1
Bas SavageLewisham Borough1
Harry MainLewisham Borough1
Herujess KingLewisham Borough1
Joshua ShonowoLewisham Borough1
Tomek-Jan FroomsLewisham Borough1
Eban GurungLydd Town1
Callum EdwardsLydd Town1
Daniel KeyteLydd Town1
Declan Wale Lydd Town1
James EverittLydd Town1
Owen KesseckLydd Town1
Pat KingwellLydd Town1
Reece MortimerLydd Town1
Ryan NormanLydd Town1
Tom RipleyLydd Town1
Conor WeatherallLydd Town1
Lueol JosephMeridian VP1
Adrian SpenceMeridian VP1
Athan Smith-JosephMeridian VP1
Harvey BrinkleyMeridian VP1
JJ KaayteMeridian VP1
Paul HayesMeridian VP1
Tomi AladeMeridian VP1
Trey SmallMeridian VP1
Charlie Plummer Rochester United1
Lucas PayneRochester United1
Thomas WebbRochester United1
Lorenzo CuozzoRusthall1
Louis ClarkeRusthall1
Paul ButlerRusthall1
Steve CamachoRusthall1
Noel-Reion McFarlaneSC Thamesmead1
James JewersSC Thamesmead1
Jordan GaddSC Thamesmead1
Jordan LovellSC Thamesmead1
Max WalshSC Thamesmead1
Stefan KemptonSC Thamesmead1
Connor CharltonSnodland Town1
Darrian NeavinSnodland Town1
George MulondaSnodland Town1
Harry KingdonSnodland Town1
Harry Sheridan Snodland Town1
Hayden WoodSnodland Town1
James PinnockSnodland Town1
Levi BrownSnodland Town1
Michel ThompsonSnodland Town1
Stephen SageSnodland Town1
Tom FitzgeraldSnodland Town1
Billy ParkinsonStansfeld1
Conor O'BoyleStansfeld1
George WhiteStansfeld1
Jake BritnellStansfeld1
Lennie WiseStansfeld1
Red JenkinsStansfeld1
Sam BaileySutton Athletic1
Ricky NorthSutton Athletic1
John WoodcockSutton Athletic1

Top goalscorer results are gathered in a few different ways.

– Texts sent in from home club on matchdays
– Social Media
– FA Full Time
– Match Reports

In many cases the info from the texts is wrong for away scorers so we are constantly checking and double checking the information at our disposal.

Ways to improve speed and accuracy of the tables are…
– Club texter to hold team sheets and provide correct info.
– Clubs to display team sheets for all to see so others may mention scorer on Social Media
– Clubs to put info up on Social Media soon after the game has finished.
– Clubs to complete their FA Full Time responsibilities quicker.

Should you wish to challenge any of the results, feel free to drop us an email. I keep detailed paperwork of all of this info!

Don’t trust the FA Full Time scorers leaderboard as it is very inaccurate as many teams make small errors when completing it.

Although this is for SCEFL League and League cup goals only we do hold the info for goals scored in all competitions to use at diifferent times of the season.