Referee Mid-Season Promotions


Moving up to Level 3 (Contributory League Referee and National Conference South Assistant Referee)

The SCEFL Referees Team are delighted to announce that the following referees have gained promotion from 1st February 2022 to the Contributory League middle (Isthmian/Southern League) and have therefore left the SCEFL panel.

Richard Joss & Tolu Sangowawa

They have worked hard, been dedicated, committed and shown consistency in their performances for both clubs and match observers. As a result they have managed to meet the criteria to achieve the next level in their refereeing pathway and we congratulate them both on their hard work. We wish them all the very best for the future and look forward to seeing them progress even further up the referee pyramid.

Special mention must go to Richard who has been on the league for 19 seasons! He has been knocking on the door for sometime but has now eventually succeeded, so a very appropriate phrase for him is ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!’

There was also a mid-season promotion to level 4 (SCEFL Premier Division Referee & Contributory League Assistant Referee) with effect from 1st February 2023. We would also like to congratulate and welcome the following onto the SCEFL level 4 Premier Division panel from the SCEFL Supplementary panel (Referees on Division One & Assistant Referees on Premier & Division One) and wish them every success.


Stuart Beadle

Nicholas Bone

Mark Fitzpatrick

Krystian Kaczala

Luke Morley

Jack Smith



Ian & Don

SCEFL Match Officials Panel