Premier League is back!

We know it’s far inferior than the SCEFL but the Premier League is back this week and atleast it beats having to watch the German Bundesliga to get our football fix.

With all games taking place behind closed doors lots of the games are televised, so in order to plan ahead and not miss a match we have decided to list the TV matches here below.

Wednesday, June 17

Aston Villa v Sheffield United 6pm – SKY
Manchester City v Arsenal 8:15pm – SKY

Friday, June 19

Norwich v Southampton 6pm – SKY (free-to-air)
Tottenham v Manchester United 8:15pm – SKY

Saturday, June 20

Watford v Leicester 12.30pm – BT
Brighton v Arsenal 3pm – BT
West Ham v Wolves 5.30pm – SKY
Bournemouth v Crystal Palace 7.45pm – BBC

Sunday, June 21

Newcastle v Sheffield United 2pm – SKY (free-to-air)
Aston Villa v Chelsea 4.15pm – SKY
Everton v Liverpool 7pm – SKY (free-to-air)

Monday, June 22

Manchester City v Burnley 8pm – SKY

Tuesday, June 23

Leicester v Brighton 6pm – SKY
Tottenham v West Ham 8.15pm – SKY

Wednesday, June 24

Manchester United v Sheffield United 6pm – SKY (free-to-air)
Newcastle v Aston Villa 6pm – BT
Norwich v Everton 6pm – BBC
Wolves v Bournemouth 6pm – BT
Liverpool v Crystal Palace 8.15pm – SKY

Thursday, June 25

Burnley v Watford 6pm – SKY (free-to-air)
Southampton v Arsenal 6pm – SKY
Chelsea v Manchester City 8.15pm – BT

Saturday, June 27

Aston Villa v Wolves 12:30pm – BT

Sunday, June 28

Watford v Southampton 4.30pm – SKY (free-to-air)

Monday June, 29

Crystal Palace v Burnley 8pm – AMAZON

Tuesday June, 30

Brighton v Manchester United 8:15pm – SKY (free-to-air)

Wednesday, July 1

Arsenal v Norwich 6pm – BT
Bournemouth v Newcastle 6pm – SKY (free-to-air)
Everton v Leicester 6pm – SKY
West Ham v Chelsea 8.15pm – SKY

Thursday, July 2

Sheffield United v Tottenham 6pm – SKY
Manchester City v Liverpool 8.15pm – SKY

To be finalised at a later date – all dates and times subject to change

Saturday, 4 July 2020 (3pm)

Man Utd v AFC Bournemouth
Burnley v Sheffield United
Leicester City v Crystal Palace
Newcastle United v West Ham
Norwich City v Brighton
Southampton v Manchester City
Spurs v Everton
Chelsea v Watford
Liverpool v Aston Villa
Wolves v Arsenal

Wednesday, 8 July 2020 (8pm)

Crystal Palace v Chelsea
AFC Bournemouth v Spurs
Everton v Southampton
Man City v Newcastle United
Watford v Norwich City
West Ham v Burnley
Arsenal v Leicester City
Sheffield United v Wolves
Aston Villa v Man Utd
Brighton v Liverpool

Saturday, 11 July 2020 (3pm)

Liverpool v Burnley
AFC Bournemouth v Leicester City
Man Utd v Southampton
Norwich City v West Ham
Watford v Newcastle United
Wolves v Everton
Brighton v Man City
Sheffield United v Chelsea
Spurs v Arsenal
Aston Villa v Crystal Palace

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 (8pm)

Arsenal v Liverpool
Burnley v Wolves
Chelsea v Norwich City
Crystal Palace v Man Utd
Everton v Aston Villa
Leicester City v Sheffield United
Man City v AFC Bournemouth
Newcastle United v Spurs
Southampton v Brighton
West Ham v Watford

Saturday, 18 July 2020 (3pm)

AFC Bournemouth v Southampton
Aston Villa v Arsenal
Brighton v Newcastle United
Liverpool v Chelsea
Man Utd v West Ham
Norwich City v Burnley
Sheffield United v Everton
Spurs v Leicester City
Watford v Man City
Wolves v Crystal Palace

Sunday, 26 July 2020 (3pm)

Arsenal v Watford
Burnley v Brighton
Chelsea v Wolves
Crystal Palace v Spurs
Everton v AFC Bournemouth
Leicester City v Man Utd
Man City v Norwich City
Newcastle United v Liverpool
Southampton v Sheffield United
West Ham v Aston Villa