First Division

New Club Crest – New Identity – New Ambition – New Greenways


Greenways FC have unveiled their new identity and new club crest.

Manager Rob Jeffery explained the changes and reasons behind them;

We’re an ambitious club that has been kept afloat by many dedicated people over the years and as such we felt there was a need for an identity that reflected this.

Contemporary in style to match our forward thinking approach, but also one that acknowledges our heritage and pays tribute to the people that have got us here.

The main features of the crest is the distinctive letter ‘G’ (for Greenways) that is used for the emblem and that creates a contemporary twist on the typical circular football badges that are widely used.

The other main feature is the boat, ‘The Spindrift’, which was the family boat of the legendary Willie Miller and is included in honour of everything he did for the club. The feature of the boat also links nicely with the club’s maritime roots, having originally been located in Gravesend. Willie along with Bob Hillier, another legend of the club, are also acknowledged with the thistle, due to their links with Scotland, and a rose to mark the club’s English heritage.

The stars create a contemporary and abstract football shape and each represent one for Willie Miller, Bob Hillier and also the team as a whole and everyone who has ever played or contributed to the club, with their contributions always remembered. The fact the stars are placed in their natural position above the boat, with boats traditionally being navigated by the stars, can be viewed as a metaphor for Willie and Bob ‘leading the way’ as it were.

The wordmark, and the new club font, is simple, modern and bold. The font is called ‘Gravesend Sans’ adding another strong link to the club’s heritage and this is paired with the date the club was established.

The name of the club means the colour green will always be our core colour but it has been updated and is now paired with gold, the aim being to elevate the prestige of the club and symbolise an ambition to climb up the football pyramid.

Lastly, we have created a secondary emblem that can be used on the back or on the sleeve of our kit. This features the chimneys of the Thames estuary along with Willie’s boat and the latin motto translating to “integrity, skill and labour” chosen because it describes the very essence of what’s required of a football team to succeed and were most certainly traits that both Willie and Bob must’ve had themselves in order to start and keep this football club running, this sentiment and the strong socialist styling of the emblem itself also fits nicely with the club’s early links to the NALGO trade union.

We’re excited more than ever about the new season but on top of that, we’re excited about our future..