‘Love Football Hate Racism’ team make visit to Glebe

Glebe welcomed the ‘Love Football Hate Racism’ team to Foxbury last month, in a bid to spread the positive message that diversity and inclusion can have on the beautiful game.

Glebe played the perfect hosts in a worthwhile visit from LFHR;

Love Football Hate Racism enjoyed its visit to Foxbury on Tuesday 26th Sept for their match against Holmesdale 1956 FC. A competitive game which saw Glebe come out on top with a 2-1 win.

A Few Freebies – it was great to have some conversations about football in general and about the positive influence diversity and inclusion can have on ‘the beautiful game’. It was wonderful to hand out some free stickers, badges and an odd t-shirt too. The football has come along way since diversity campaigning body, ‘Kick It Out’ was formed in 1993. Today there is a rich diversity in the make up of football teams from grassroots to international teams. Yes, there is still more to do to improve representation in coaching, management, and the boardrooms of football clubs. Howeve progress is progress and there is plenty we can celebrate as the work continues.

Glebe board member Anwar Uddin MBE certainly epitomises the kind of success we can celebrate in football. Anwar was the first British- Bangladeshi league player in English football history. He was the first assistant manager of an England men’s side from a British South Asian background.


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“Football is a game where everyone is welcome regardless of the colour of their skin, the religion they follow, their race, gender, sex, sexuality, whether they are able bodied or not.”