International Clearance

International Clearances

From the F.A

In our recent circular, we advised Clubs of a new system and procedure that The FA has to use in order to obtain international transfer certificates (ITC). These ITC’s must now be processed through an online system called TMS (Transfer Matching System), which is managed by FIFA. The system gives FIFA transparency of the movement of players (both professional and amateur) around the world, at all levels of the game. Some clubs may already be aware of FIFA TMS, having used the system themselves to obtain clearance for players who have joined them on a contract or on loan from a club abroad.

As a result of this change, clubs in the National League System will no longer be able to register players under contract outside of a transfer window if that player requires an ITC from another Association.

Should you wish to sign a player on non-contract terms who requires an ITC, your club will need to apply as normal to The FA with the ITC Request form and copy of photo ID. Upon receipt of the ITC confirmation, you will then be able to register the player as an amateur (non-contract) player with your League. Any player registered as an amateur (non-contract) player will not be able to register as a professional (contract) player until the next Professional Game transfer window opens. The FA will circulate the Professional Game transfer window dates in advance so that clubs are fully aware as to when they can request clearance for players who wish to enter into a contract.

Training Compensation

Clubs should also be made aware that should a player re-register as a Professional (contract) within 30 months of being reinstated as an Amateur, the player’s new club may be liable to pay Training compensation in accordance with Article 20 of the FIFA Regulations.

Arrangements between English Clubs and Welsh Clubs playing in the English Pyramid

The FA of Wales have confirmed that they will no longer facilitate Short Term Loans, Youth Loans and Work Experience registrations into or out of Wales during a closed Professional Game transfer window. Long Term Loans are unaffected and must be in line with the transfer window, but there will be NO opportunity for players to return to their parent club (cross border) to play non-first team football. Its should be noted that this extends to those Welsh clubs playing within the English pyramid system. Any player on a Long Term Loan will be processed through FIFA TMS at the outset but will not be permitted to return to his parent club at any time during the period of the loan, including to play non-first team football. On the expiry of the loan and in the case of an early recall, the ITC must be issued through TMS. For the avoidance of doubt an ‘early recall’ can only be requested through TMS and during an open registration period only.”

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