A Hello from Ray Simpson!


Former Lewisham Borough Chief, Ray Simpson, has swapped the lovely Ladywell Arena for the sunny climbs of Jamaica and has sent us an update of his role with a football club in his area.

Ray departed Lewisham in April 2019 and is now working with Jamaican Premier Division side Treasure Beach FC.

Ray gave us this update;

“Hi SCEFL friends, I was informed that some of my colleagues (Chairman, Directors, Chief Executives, Managers, coaches and players) were enquiring about me so I thought I would send out a message!

I am one month into my seven month stay here and am having a fantastic experience and have been welcomed by all. 

There are 14 parishes that cover Jamaica and I am working with Treasure Beach FC, who come from the parish  of St Elizabeth. It is the first time a club from this parish have secured a place in top flight football and it is a personal project for me as both my parents come from St Elizabeth.

I am working with the board advising them and helping the Club with their all-round standards and professionalism,

I am also working with another Club in the Capital, Kingston, who have aspirations to be in the Premier League in 3-5 years and they are certainly going in the right direction.

Working in England with Lewisham Borough and with the Kent County League, Kent Invicta League, the SCEFL League and Isthmian League has certainly helped to develop my skills and has proved to be invaluable.

Thanks to all my friends/colleagues in England I really have missed you all but this is the next chapter.

I can be contacted on 07958946236 or at email address – – if anyone wants to reach out, enjoy your season and Merry Christmas to you all!”

Ray Simpson


It’s great to hear from Ray – a true SCEFL legend – and am sure he is enjoying the season that his old team is having this year!

Treasure Beach FC can be followed on Twitter here.