Friendlies #3

A list of Pre-season friendly fixtures involving SCEFL Clubs will be added below

This is not a complete list but just games which have been seen advertised on Social Media

All fixtures are subject to change

Please contact Clubs for accurate kick-off times and venues

Friday 24th June

Sutton Common v AFC Whyteleafe (7.45pm)

Saturday 25th June

Glebe v Bridon Ropes (12pm)
Greenways v Greenways Aces (3pm)
Lingfield v Croydon
Snodland Town v E & B (3pm)

Friday 1st July

Chatham Town v Lordswood (7.45pm)

Saturday 2nd July

Bearsted v Crowborough Ath  (3pm)
Bridon Ropes v H & Blair
CB Hounslow v AFC Whyteleafe
Chatham Town v Staplehurst Mon (3pm)
Croydon v Rusthall
Deal Town v Charlton u23s (3pm)
East Grinstead v E & B (3pm)
Erith Town v Cray Wanderers (1pm)
Fisher v Basildon Utd
Glebe v Sittingbourne (1pm)
Greenways v Sutton Ath
Holmesdale v Tooting Bec (2pm)
Kennington v Hythe Town
Kent Football Utd v Danson Sports
Kings Hill v Lydd Town (2pm)
Lingfield v FC Elmstead
Little Common v Welling Town
Phoenix Sports v Snodland Town (3:00pm)
Rochester City v Rochester Utd
Stansfeld v Bermondsey Town (3pm)
Tunbridge Wells v Seaford (3pm)

Monday 4th July

Sheppey Utd v Kennington
Welling Town v Lewes FC

Tuesday 5th July

AFC Croydon v FC Elmstead
AFC Whyteleafe v Dorking Res
Bearsted v Kings Hill (7.30pm)
Deal Town v Gillingham XI (7.45pm)
FC Baresi v Fisher
Lordswood v Rochester Utd (7.45pm)
Phoenix v Cray Valley PM (7:15pm)
Punjab Utd v Chatham Town (7.45pm)
Stansfeld v Meridian VP
Staplehurst Mon v H & Blair (7.45pm)
VCD Athletic v Whitstable Town (7:45pm)

Wednesday 6th July

AFC Croydon v Holmesdale (7.45pm)
Metrogas v Bridon Ropes

Friday 8th July

Punjab Utd v Ebbsfleet Utd (7.45pm)

Saturday 9th July

AFC Uckfield v Larkfield & New Hythe (3pm)
AFC Whyteleafe v Abbey Rangers
Bridon Ropes v Cray Valley PM
Corinthian v Bearsted (3pm)
Crowborough Ath v Stansfeld (3pm)
Croydon v Bagshot
Bromley u23s v H & Blair 
E & Belvedere v Merstham (3pm)
Erith Town v VCD Athletic (3pm)
Fisher v Brightlingsea Rgt
Forest Hill v Welling Town
Greenways FC v Phoenix Sports (3pm)
Groundhoppers v Lewisham Boro (12pm)
Holmesdale v Redhill (3pm)
Kings Hill FC v Whitstable (3pm)
Lydd Town v Deal Town (3pm)
Margate v Glebe (3pm)
Meridian VP v Rusthall
Ramsgate v Kennington
Rochester Utd v Chatham Town
SC Thamesmead v Sutton Ath
Snodland Town v Canterbury City (3pm)
Tunbridge Wells v Kent Football Utd (3pm)

Monday 11th July

Welling Town v Dulwich Hamlet XI

Tuesday 12th July

Bearsted v Gillingham XI (7.30pm)
Cray Valley v Stansfeld (7.45pm)
Deal Town v Dover Ath (7.45pm)
Fisher v Woking XI
Larkfield & NH v Sheppey United (7.45pm)
Lydd Town v H & Blair (7.45pm)
Phoenix v Beckenham Town (7:15pm)
Punjab Utd v Lewes FC (7.45pm)
Redhill v E & Belvedere (7.45pm)
Rochester Utd v Whitstable Town (7:45pm)
Rusthall v Haywards Heath
SC Thamesmead v Glebe (7.30pm)
Snodland Town v Hythe Town (6.30pm)
Staplehurst Mon v Kennington
Sutton Ath v Cheshunt
Tunbridge Wells v Eastbourne Town 

Wednesday 13th July

Erith Town v FC Elmstead (7.30pm)
Halls AFC v Bridon Ropes
Otford Utd v K Sports (7.45pm)

Friday 15th July

E & Belvedere v Bowers & Pitsea (7.45pm)

Saturday 16th July

AFC Whyteleafe v Forest Row
Bearsted v AFC Uckfield u23s  (3pm)
Bridon Ropes v Roffey FC
Burnham Ramblers v Fisher
Corinthian v Deal Town (3pm)
Cray Valley v Sutton Ath
Glebe v Snodland Town (1pm)
Greenways v Welling Town
Greenways Aces v Bermondsey Town
Guernsey v Stansfeld
Hawkinge Town v Canterbury City (3pm)
Holmesdale v Little Common (3pm)
K Sports v Staplehurst Mon (10.30am)
Kent Football Utd v Carshalton XI
Kennington v Ashford Utd
Larkfield & New Hythe v Whitstable Town (3pm)
New Romney v H & Blair
Otford Utd v FC Elmstead 
Peckham Town v Lydd Town (2pm)
Phoenix v Sittingbourne (3:00pm)
Punjab Utd v Redbridge FC (3pm)
Rochester Utd v Guru Nanak
Rusthall v Eastbourne Utd
Saltdean Utd v Tunbridge Wells (3pm)
SC Thamesmead v Erith Town (3pm)
Sevenoaks Town v Croydon

Monday 18th July

Erith Town v Barking FC (7.30pm)

Tuesday 19th July

Chatham Town v Welling Town
Corinthian v Sutton Ath
Croydon v Epsom & Ewell
Cuxton v Larkfield & NH (7.15pm)
Deal Town v New Romney (7.45pm)
E & Belvedere v Welling Utd (7.45pm)
FC Elmstead v Stansfeld
Glebe v Chipstead (7.30pm)
Lordswood v Lewisham Boro (7.45pm)
Lydd Town v Bearsted (7.45pm)
Phoenix Sports v Faversham Town (7:45pm)
Rochester Utd v Ashford United
Rusthall v Kings Hill
Staplehurst Mon v Whitstable Town (7:45pm)
Tunbridge Wells v Little Common
Woodford Town v Fisher

Wednesday 20th July

Crowborough Ath v Canterbury (7.45pm)
Erith Town v Dulwich Hamlet XI (7.30pm)
K Sports v Hythe Town (8.15pm)
Otford Utd v Holmesdale (7pm)

Friday 22nd July

E & Belvedere v Herne Bay (7.45pm)

Saturday 23rd July

Abbey Rangers v Bearsted (3pm)
Bridon Ropes v Little Common
Canterbury City v Chatham Town (3pm)
Chessington & Hook v Croydon
Deal Town v Sevenoaks Town (3pm)
Erith Town v Ashford Utd (3pm)
Faversham Strikeforce v Whitstable (3pm)
Fisher v Greenways
Glebe v Barking FC (3pm)
Hawkinge Town v H & Blair 
Holmesdale v Athletic Newham (3pm)
Hythe Town v Tun Wells (3pm)
Kent Football Utd v Kennington
Kings Hill v Welling Town
Larkfield & NH v Dover Athletic (1pm)
Rusthall v Newhaven
Phoenix Sports v Walthamstow FC (3:00pm)
Punjab Utd v Lydd Town (3pm)
Sheppey Utd v K Sports (3pm)
Shoreham v Meridian VP (3pm)
Snodland Town v Lordswood (3pm)
Stansfeld v Broadbridge Heath (1.30pm)
Sutton Ath v AFC Uckfield
Sutton Common u23s v AFC Whyteleafe
Woodnesborough FC v Staplehurst (3pm)

Tuesday 26th July

Canterbury City v Sittingbourne (7.45pm)
Ebbsfleet Utd XI v FC Elmstead
Kent Football Utd v Fisher
Lordswood v Sheppey Utd (7.45pm)
Lydd Town v Whitstable Town (7:45pm)
Maidstone Utd u23s v Bearsted (7.30pm)
Rochester Utd v K Sports
SC Thamesmead v Welling Town

Wednesday 27th July

Ide Hill v Bridon Ropes

Saturday 30th July

AFC Whyteleafe v Redhill
Crockenhill v Bridon Ropes
Croydon v Dorking Academy 
Ide Hill v Greenways (2.45pm)
Kent Football Utd v Metrogas
Larkfield & NH v Otford United (3pm)
Rochester Utd v Cuxton FC
Sheppey Utd v Lewisham Boro (12pm)
Snodland Town v Kings Hill (3pm)

Friendly Fixtures and Results by Team


02/07 – Bearsted v Crowborough Ath  (3pm)
05/07 – Bearsted v Kings Hill (7.30pm)
09/07 – Corinthian v Bearsted (3pm)
12/07 – Bearsted v Gillingham XI (7.30pm)
16/07 – Bearsted v AFC Uckfield u23s  (3pm)
19/07 – Lydd Town v Bearsted (7.45pm)
23/07 – Abbey Rangers v Bearsted (3pm)
26/07 – Maidstone Utd u23s v Bearsted (7.30pm)

Canterbury City

09/07 – Snodland Town v Canterbury (3pm)
16/07 – Hawkinge Town v Canterbury (3pm)
20/07 – Crowborough Ath v Canterbury (7.45pm)

23/07 – Canterbury v Chatham Town (3pm)
26/07 – Canterbury v Sittingbourne (7.45pm)

Deal Town

02/07 – Deal v Charlton u23s (3pm)
05/07 – Deal v Gillingham XI (7.45pm)
09/07 – Lydd Town v Deal (3pm)
12/07 – Deal v Dover Ath (7.45pm)
16/07 – Corinthian v Deal (3pm)
19/07 – Deal v New Romney (7.45pm)
23/07 – Deal v Sevenoaks Town (3pm)

Erith & Belvedere

25/06 – Snodland Town v E & B (3pm)
02/07 – East Grinstead v E & B (3pm)
09/07 – E & B v Merstham (3pm)
12/07 – Redhill v E & B (7.45pm)
15/07 – E & B v Bowers & Pitsea (7.45pm)
19/07 – E & B v Welling Utd (7.45pm)
22/07 – E & B v Herne Bay (7.45pm)

Erith Town

02/07 – Erith Town v Cray Wanderers (1pm)
09/07 – Erith Town v VCD Athletic (3pm)
13/07 – Erith Town v FC Elmstead (7.30pm)
16/07 – SC Thamesmead v Erith Town (3pm)
18/07 – Erith Town v Barking FC (7.30pm)
20/07 – Erith Town v Dulwich Hamlet XI (7.30pm)
23/07 – Erith Town v Ashford Utd (3pm)


02/07 – Fisher v Basildon Utd
05/07 – FC Baresi v Fisher
09/07 – Fisher v Brightlingsea Rgt
12/07 – Fisher v Woking XI
16/07 – Burnham Ramblers v Fisher
19/07 – Woodford Town v Fisher
23/07 – Fisher v Greenways


25/06 – Glebe v Bridon Ropes (12pm)
02/07 – Glebe v Sittingbourne (1pm)
09/07 – Margate v Glebe (3pm)
12/07 – SC Thamesmead v Glebe (7.30pm)
16/07 – Glebe v Snodland Town (1pm)
19/07 – Glebe v Chipstead (7.30pm)
23/07 – Glebe v Barking FC (3pm)

Hollands & Blair

02/07 – Bridon Ropes v Blair
05/07 – Staplehurst Mon v Blair (7.45pm)
09/07 – Bromley u23s v Blair 
12/07 – Lydd Town v Blair (7.45pm)
16/07 – New Romney v Blair 
23/07 – Hawkinge Town v Blair 


02/07 – Holmesdale v Tooting Bec (2pm)
06/07 – AFC Croydon v Holmesdale (7.45pm)
09/07 – Holmesdale v Redhill (3pm)
16/07 – Holmesdale v Little Common (3pm)
20/07 – Otford Utd v Holmesdale (7pm)
23/07 – Holmesdale v Athletic Newham (3pm)

K Sports

13/07 – Otford Utd v K Sports (7.45pm)
16/07 – K Sports v Staplehurst Mon (10.30am)
20/07 – K Sports v Hythe Town (8.15pm)
23/07 – Sheppey Utd v K Sports (3pm)
26/07 – Rochester Utd v K Sports


02/07 – Kennington v Hythe Town
04/07 – Sheppey Utd v Kennington
09/07 – Ramsgate v Kennington
12/07 – Staplehurst Mon v Kennington
16/07 – Kennington v Ashford Utd
23/07 – Kent Football Utd v Kennington


01/07 – Chatham Town v Lordswood (7.45pm)
05/07 – Lordswood v Rochester Utd (7.45pm)
19/07 – Lordswood v Lewisham Boro (7.45pm)
23/07 – Snodland Town v Lordswood (3pm)
26/07 – Lordswood v Sheppey Utd (7.45pm)

Phoenix Sports

02/07 – Phoenix v Snodland Town (3:00pm)
05/07 – Phoenix v Cray Valley PM (7:15pm)
09/07 – Greenways FC v Phoenix (3pm)
12/07 – Phoenix v Beckenham Town (7:15pm)
16/07 – Phoenix v Sittingbourne (3:00pm)
19/07 – Phoenix v Faversham Town (7:45pm)
23/07 – Phoenix v Walthamstow FC (3:00pm)

Punjab United

05/07 – Punjab Utd v Chatham Town (7.45pm)
08/07 – Punjab Utd v Ebbsfleet Utd (7.45pm)
12/07 – Punjab Utd v Lewes FC (7.45pm)
16/07 – Punjab Utd v Redbridge FC (3pm)
23/07 – Punjab Utd v Lydd Town (3pm)


02/07 – Croydon v Rusthall
09/07 – Meridian VP v Rusthall
12/07 – Rusthall v Haywards Heath
16/07 – Rusthall v Eastbourne Utd
19/07 – Rusthall v Kings Hill
23/07 – Rusthall v Newhaven


02/07 – Stansfeld v Bermondsey Town (3pm)
05/07 – Stansfeld v Meridian VP
09/07 – Crowborough Ath v Stansfeld (3pm)
12/07 – Cray Valley v Stansfeld (7.45pm)
16/07 – Guernsey v Stansfeld
19/07 – FC Elmstead v Stansfeld
23/07 – Stansfeld v Broadbridge Heath (1.30pm)

Sutton Athletic

02/07 – Greenways v Sutton
09/07 – SC Thamesmead v Sutton
12/07 – Sutton v Cheshunt
16/07 – Cray Valley v Sutton
19/07 – Corinthian v Sutton
23/07 – Sutton v AFC Uckfield

Tunbridge Wells

02/07 – Tun Wells v Seaford (3pm)
09/07 – Tun Wells v Kent Football (3pm)
12/07 – Tun Wells v Eastbourne Town 
16/07 – Saltdean Utd v Tun Wells (3pm)
19/07 – Tun Wells v Little Common
23/07 – Hythe Town v Tun Wells (3pm)

Welling Town

02/07 – Little Common v Welling
04/07 – Welling v Lewes FC
09/07 – Forest Hill v Welling
11/07 – Welling v Dulwich Hamlet XI
16/07 – Greenways v Welling
19/07 – Chatham Town v Welling
23/07 – Kings Hill v Welling
26/07 – SC Thamesmead v Welling

Whitstable Town

05/07 – VCD Athletic v Whitstable (7:45pm)
09/07 – Kings Hill FC v Whitstable (3pm)
12/07 – Rochester Utd v Whitstable (7:45pm)
16/07 – Larkfield & New Hythe v Whitstable (3pm)
19/07 – Staplehurst Monarchs FC v Whitstable (7:45pm)
23/07 – Faversham Strikeforce v Whitstable (3pm)
26/07 – Lydd Town v Whitstable (7:45pm)

AFC Whyteleafe

24/06 – Sutton Common v Whyteleafe (7.45pm)
02/07 – CB Hounslow v Whyteleafe
05/07 – Whyteleafe v Dorking Res
09/07 – Whyteleafe v Abbey Rangers
16/07 – Whyteleafe v Forest Row
23/07 – Sutton Common u23s v Whyteleafe
30/07 – Whyteleafe v Redhill

Bermondsey Town

02/07 – Stansfeld v Bermondsey
16/07 – Greenways Aces v Bermondsey

Bridon Ropes

25/06 – Glebe v Bridon (12pm)
02/07 – Bridon v Hollands & Blair
06/07 – Metrogas v Bridon
09/07 – Bridon v Cray Valley PM
13/07 – Halls AFC v Bridon
16/07 – Bridon v Roffey FC
23/07 – Bridon v Little Common
27/07 – Ide Hill v Bridon
30/07 – Crockenhill v Bridon


25/06 – Lingfield v Croydon
02/07 – Croydon v Rusthall
09/07 – Croydon v Bagshot
16/07 – Sevenoaks Town v Croydon
19/07 – Croydon v Epsom & Ewell
23/07 – Chessington & Hook v Croydon
30/07 – Croydon v Dorking Academy 

Faversham Strike Force


FC Elmstead

02/07 – Lingfield v FC Elmstead
05/07 – AFC Croydon v FC Elmstead
13/07 – Erith Town v FC Elmstead
16/07 – Otford Utd v FC Elmstead
19/07 – Stansfeld v FC Elmstead
26/07 – Ebbsfleet Utd XI v FC Elmstead

Forest Hill Park



25/06 – Greenways v Greenways Aces (3pm)
02/06 – Greenways v Sutton Ath (3pm)
09/07 – Greenways v Phoenix Sports (3pm)
16/07 – Greenways v Welling Town (3pm)
23/07 – Fisher v Greenways (3pm)
30/07 – Ide Hill v Greenways (2.45pm)

Kent Football United

02/07 – KFU v Danson Sports
09/07 – KFU v Tunbridge Wells
16/07 – KFU v Carshalton XI
23/07 – KFU v Kennington
26/07 – KFU v Fisher
30/07 – KFU v Metrogas

Larkfield & New Hythe

09/07 AFC Uckfield v Larkfield (3pm)
12/07 – Larkfield v Sheppey United (7.45pm)
16/07 – Larkfield v Whitstable Town (3pm)
19/07 – Cuxton v Larkfield (7.15pm)
23/07 – Larkfield v Dover Athletic (1pm)
30/07 – Larkfield v Otford United (3pm)

Lewisham Borough

09/07 – Groundhoppers v Lewisham Boro (12pm)
19/07 – Lordswood v Lewisham Boro (7.45pm)
30/07 – Sheppey Utd v Lewisham Boro (12pm)

Lydd Town

02/07 – Kings Hill v Lydd (2pm)
09/07 Lydd v Deal Town (3pm)
12/07 – Lydd v Hollands & Blair (7.45pm)
16/07 – Peckham Town v Lydd (2pm)
19/07 Lydd v Bearsted (7.45pm)
23/07 – Punjab Utd v Lydd (3pm)
26/07 – Lydd v Whitstable Town (7.45pm)

Meridian VP

05/07 – Stansfeld v Meridian VP
23/07 – Shoreham v Meridian VP (3pm)

Rochester United

02/07 – Rochester City v Rochester Utd
05/07 – Rochester Utd v Lordswood
09/07 – Rochester Utd v Chatham Town
12/07 – Rochester Utd v Whitstable Town
16/07 – Rochester Utd v Guru Nanak
19/07 – Rochester Utd v Ashford United
26/07 – Rochester Utd v K Sports
30/07 – Rochester Utd v Cuxton FC

SC Thamesmead

09/07 – SC Thamesmead v Sutton Athletic
12/07 – SC Thamesmead v Glebe (7.30pm) 
16/07 – SC Thamesmead v Erith Town (3pm)
26/07 – SC Thamesmead v Welling Town

Snodland Town

25/06 – Snodland v Erith & Belvedere (3pm)
02/07 – Phoenix Sports v Snodland Town (3pm)
09/07 – Snodland v Canterbury (3pm)
12/07 – Snodland v Hythe Town (6.30pm)
16/07 – Glebe v Snodland (1pm)
23/07 – Snodland v Lordswood (3pm)
30/07 – Snodland v Kings Hill (3pm)

Staplehurst Monarchs

02/07 – Chatham Town v Staplehurst (3pm)
05/07 – Staplehurst v Hollands & Blair (7.45pm)
12/07 – Staplehurst v Kennington

16/07 – K Sports v Staplehurst (10.30am)
19/07 – Staplehurst v Whitstable Town (7.45pm)
23/07 – Woodnesborough FC v Staplehurst (3pm)

Tooting Bec